San Francisco, California

Cannonball 2020 is postponed to 2021

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Cannonball Race is postponed to 2021.

The Setting

San Francisco: an entire urban playground at your disposal with steep hills, varied terrain, and crazy traffic.

At first glance, it's only 7.5 miles across from pier to coast. But is a straight line really the fastest way across? What obstacles will you encounter trying to cross it?

Summer 2021, we challenge you to be the fastest and most skilled electric vehicle rider in this legendary city, whether it be on skateboardscooter, or unicycle. With over $1,000 of prizes at stake, will you step up to the challenge?

Event Details

Dates: Summer 2021, Date TBD

Classes: DIY Electric Skateboard, Production Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooter, Electric Unicycle

Route Finding Day (only for expert race): TBD

Ride around the city and plan your route from Pier 15 Exploratorium to the Ocean Beach Fire Pits for the expert race.

Standard Drag Race: TBD

Race from one end to another in a straight line through Golden Gate Park. Fairly straightforward.

Expert Cannonball: TBD

Race the route you planned on Route Finding Day as fast as you can while following traffic rules. First person to reach the end wins!

Over $1,000 in prizes from Hoyt St., Last Mile SF, Shredlights, Evolve, Minimotors USA, Weped USA

Thank you for a successful 2019 Cannonball Race!

See you 2021!

Standard Race


Intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Dr. & Middle Dr. West

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Expert Race Start Location


Pier 15 Exploratorium

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Expert Race End Location

Ocean Beach Fire Pits

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A Thank You To Our Sponsors

We would not be able to run this race if not for the following companies who pitched into the prize pool!

See You Next Year!